There is a Better Way to Live: The Front Porch Lifestyle.

We designed Olde Salem Township so that neighbors are encouraged to interact. Our homes will surround common, park-like areas. Rather than sit in the backyard, inside a fenced-in compound, families can relax on their porches. Instead of a fence, they can see children playing and 100-year-old Oak trees. There are sidewalks around the private neighborhood parks for jogging and walking dogs. All these things encourage an atmosphere that is safe and welcoming.

This is a place for living. A place for life.

Olde Salem Township is designed to be a welcoming place for families and friends. In many neighborhoods, young children play in the backyard, which is often set against another backyard. When you add fences, the yards become little stockades, discouraging interaction with neighbors. Not true in Olde Salem Township, near Benton and Bryant, Arkansas. This home community of Saline County encourages homeowners to be neighbors; neighbors to be friends; families and children to call it home.

A Neighborly Community Center and Swimming Pool.

In addition to the 3 acres of parks, Olde Salem Township features a commons area clubhouse with a pavilion and swimming pool. A gathering place for neighborhood events and for kids to enjoy a splash of relief on hot summer days.

A Great Neighborhood Deserves Better Built Homes.

Our goal in Olde Salem Township is to build 100-year homes. The quality of materials and construction methods are equal to or better than those found on larger, custom-built homes. These aren’t extra cost options – they are standard to all the homes we build. The result is that our homes are more energy efficient, comfortable and functional.

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